Four Sorraia stallions in carriage training at the Alter Real foundation in Alter do Chão, Portugal


Only occasionally are Sorraias available for purchase, usually from private breeders. The former National Stud in Portugal, which is now the "Alter Foundation", also makes Sorraias available from time to time, but normally only stallions. It is generally very difficult to obtain mares, as they are the basis for the survival of the subspecies, and that basis is incredibly small as it is...

Stallions, or geldings, are the best to use for riding and other purposes, as they are usually larger and stronger.



 This Sorraia gelding was born and grew up wild in the Vale de Zebro Refuge. He is now making a good mount for this young vaqueiro


Whenever there is a round-up of the horses in Vale de Zebro, excess horses become available there, too, again mostly stallions, but sometimes a mare or two.

If you are in the market for a Sorraia, be aware that there are horses being offered as Sorraias that are not Sorraias. It takes an expert to recognize a pure Sorraia. If you are not concerned about purity but only about phenotype, you need to be expert enough to recognize a horse as of the right phenotype. Many Sorraias are wearing a brand, either that of the d'Andrade family or that of the Coudelaria Nacional. There are still some around with the brand of Manuel Abecassis. Many also have a shoulder brand and a neck brand. Be alert, brand can be forged! There are some excellent Sorraia types around that don't wear a brand; all horses out of the Vale de Zebro Refuge are not branded, some will be micro-chipped when they are taken out.

There are currently a number of stallions available in Portugal. More information on those through: